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  What is electromagnetic pollution?
At no time in our recorded history have we lived in such a complex cauldron of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields: TVs, computers, washing machines, refrigerators, VCRs, telephones (mobiles and landlines), microwaves, street cables, traffic lights, hospital equipment, radio, radar and satellite. Electricity has become so central to our lives it is understandable that we conveniently ignore the potential dangers. It is an established fact, however, that electromagnetic fields affect our organic tissues – and man-made electromagnetic fields are thousands of times stronger than natural ones. The evidence is rapidly accumulating of the latent harm this unseen environment can cause our mental, emotional and physical health.

How is it harmful?
It is recognised that some of the more extreme electromagnetic frequencies are harmful (x-rays and ultra-violet rays). 
In America a significant link has been documented between high-voltage power lines and childhood cancer. But it is 
the long periods of exposure to the insidious, low-level coherent frequencies from electrical equipment that is 
overlooked as far more harmful. And not only do we need to consider the field of emissions, measurable with a 
magnetic field meter, but the equally potent zone of disturbance that extends even further.

high voltage power lines power station by night power pylon reflected in water
The effects on people of electromagnetic pollution are complex, but the range of symptoms is the same as geopathic 
stress. Additionally, the radiation blocks our reception of the daily fluctuations of the earth’s natural energy fields. 
This distorts vital messages travelling between our body cells and brain, which are necessary for regulating the 
biological processes. 

What can be done?
Total avoidance of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields is not a solution – or a practical possibility. Sensible 
precautions can be taken, however, particularly with consideration to where we sleep, when our bodies are in 
cell-growth and repair mode, and are especially vulnerable.


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