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  Geopathic Stress
  What is geopathic stress?
The earth, as do humans and all living creatures, has an energy field. This energy, partly geomagnetic in 
composition, radiates from the earth in a system of grid lines relating to the magnetic north and south poles. When 
in balance the energy is necessary, and restorative, to optimal health. When the natural field is distorted or disrupted 
– as it can be by natural geological faults, underground flowing water, mineral deposits and man-made excavations 
– the field becomes harmful to our health. This is geopathic stress.


How is it harmful?
Geopathic stress is not a sickness with its own unique pathology. 
Geopathic stress suppresses the immune function, shutting down 
the body’s natural defence system, thereby facilitating illness. Any 
natural weaknesses or genetic disorders are amplified. 
The illnesses are often not minor: 70 years of research has shown 
beyond dispute the correlation between geopathic stress and cancer.
In 1932, German scientist Gustav Freiherr von Pohl, proved to the 
satisfaction of the Central Committee for Cancer Research in Berlin 
that one was unlikely to get cancer unless one had spent some time 
in geopathically stressed places – mainly when sleeping. They 
published his findings and today, in some EU countries, planning 
permission for certain buildings is withheld unless the site has been 
surveyed for geopathic stress.

Geopathic stress has been found to be the common factor in countless serious and minor illnesses, notably those conditions where the immune system is severely compromised:
bullet point ME or chronic fatigue syndrome
bullet point psoriasis
bullet point arthritis
bullet point migraine 
bullet point glandular fever
bullet point insomnia 
bullet point epilepsy 
bullet point neurological disorders in children
bullet point MS
bullet point rheumatism
bullet point leukaemia 
bullet point blood disorders
bullet point depression 
bullet point learning and behavioural problems 

.......the list is endless.

The earth from a spaceship

Studies have shown that geopathic stress 
alters the polarity of the blood and inhibits 
blood clotting; disrupts electro-chemical 
activity and impairs the lymphatic system.
Exposure to geopathic stress might initially 
manifest as:

bullet point a crushing exhaustion
bullet point restless sleep
bullet point insomnia 
bullet point constant headaches
bullet point frequent colds
bullet point depression
bullet point heightened allergic responses
bullet point behavioural problems in children
bullet point inability to heal or recover from sickness. 
bullet point always waking with a feeling of tiredness 
  and a fuzzy head
bullet point feeling better when leaving a building 
  and not wanting to return.

  Why is it coming to our attention now?
Previous generations possessed a deep understanding of how to live in conjunction with the natural landscape 
– and were aware that some areas were unfit for human habitation. Today we build on land according to economic 
criteria and the pressures of population growth. Our buildings are taller; the foundations are deeper; our 
underground transport and utility systems are more complex; and we extract more water from the ground than 
ever before. Conurbations rather than towns mean we no longer have the space to follow the natural order. 
The increased prevalence of geopathic stress is caused by our lifestyle.
How can we promote good health?
It is possible to optimise good health by not just simply avoiding the harmful geopathic frequencies: by spending 
time in the beneficial natural radiation we can strengthen our own energy field and thereby the immune function.

The crucial part that the earth’s energy can play in our well-being has been recognised by NASA. During early 
space missions astronauts suffered from distress symptoms caused by the deprivation of the earth’s natural 
wavelength. In 1952 Professor W O Schumann of Germany identified these waves and, today, Schumann Wave 
Simulators are installed in manned spacecraft.


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