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  Services - how Lifespace can help
  Home Survey 
Lifespace will visit the home; conduct an on-site survey; identify and, where possible, remove 
geopathic stress; advise on protection from electric, magnetic and electromagnetic pollution. 
Lifespace can also identify and treat any related negative energies or embedded atmospheres 
detrimental to optimum health

Workplace Survey
Lifespace will visit the office, school, hospital, factory or commercial operation; conduct an on-site survey; identify and, where possible remove geopathic stress; advise on minimising electromagnetic pollution; make recommendations on most advantageous layout of work-stations to maximise staff well-being and productivity
Pre-purchase Survey 
Prior to any purchase, Lifespace will conduct a survey of land or property, domestic or commercial, 
to identify any latent geopathic stress or electromagnetic pollution hazards that might prejudice the 
safety and potential of the site
Siting of New Buildings
Lifespace will conduct an on-site or map survey to identify the most beneficial siting of new homes,
religious buildings or commercial premises to harness the maximum beneficial natural energies 
and minimise exposure to harmful radiations
Creation of Positive Space
Lifespace has wide experience in the creation of protected tranquil environments. Spending time 
in these calm and restorative surroundings enables the body to harness the natural beneficial 
frequencies, reducing stress and promoting well-being

a selection of images showing a survay at homr, someone at work, a bulding, a man scanning a site and a lovely cloudy blue sky 
additional lifespace services
images of water, services, tunnels and stonehenge realting to the addional services Water detection 
Location and evaluation of underground water-catchment areas, and 
ground water availability 

Service location 
Layout of gas; electricity; telecommunications; water and drainage 

Underground anomalies
Existence and scope of voids; tunnels; caverns; cellars; infill sites; 
made-up ground

Dating and site investigation


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