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  Well being in the workplace
  In 2002 the Confederation of British Industry confirmed that workplace absenteeism is costing UK businesses 
£10.7 billion a year. The Industrial Society estimates it to be £13 billion. Calculations may vary, but it is clear that 
there is a high rate of absence that is mostly attributable to sickness.

Organisations with the worst records have twice the absence rates of the best ones: this may be due to factors 
relating to the work involved, but it is also highly possible that the cause is location specific. 

The main six causes of absence due to illness are startlingly similar to our list of common symptoms of geopathic 

  profile view of a modern glass building
a man looking tired and unwell with modern offices shown behind
Modern buildings, especially office blocks, are often constructed in the form of a ‘Faraday cage’ – the steel reinforcing rods, electric cables and water pipes acting as conductors. These metal components can also carry induced currents, thereby transporting electromagnetic fields some distance from their source. Even in traditionally built offices there are computers, file servers, photocopiers, telephone systems, fax machines, printers, alarm systems, and fluorescent lighting with their accompanying transformers. The result is vast and complex electromagnetic fields permanently energised by the mains power. 
We know from both published research and practical experience that 
people who are geopathically stressed, are considerably more prone 
to the detrimental effects of man-made electromagnetic emissions. 
To provide a safe working environment, free of geopathic stress, 
should be the moral responsibility of employers. Having a healthy, 
motivated and focused workforce also has obvious economic benefits.

What has been outlined here may sound sensationalist. It IS startling: 
startling that something so natural and simple can have such a 
profound effect on our state of health and well-being. 
Practical experience and published research has shown that the link 
between location and sickness is beyond doubt. It is our considered 
opinion that, in all cases of recurring and persistent ill health, 
geopathic stress should be eliminated as a causative factor before 
anything else.


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